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The FlexQuad® is a unique electric vehicle that provides an exhilarating driving experience. Its design is a radical departure from tradition. The FlexQuad® provides hands free operation with the steering, braking and acceleration controlled through two foot pedals. It provides a fold up structure for easy storage and transport. It is a minimalistic design, including the needed features for fun local transpiration. The structure and suspension are provided through a pair of front and back spring limbs for a smooth ride and minimum vehicle weight. The intent of this design is to provide a higher level of value both in function and in thrill by abandoning from the long established steering wheel.

Current Events


Here is a two-minute video on our FlexQuad® e-car. See if it fits your needs.

Here is a quick demo of our car carrier. It is a mini electrially actuated lift to ease transportation of the FlexQuad® on a vehicle with a trailer hitch.

Here is a driving simulator we developed to introduce people to driving the FlexQuad® without risk. It typically only takes 10 minutes for the driver to get the hang of it.


Questions and Answers

How it Works

The FlexQuad® is driven by a brushless DC motor in each of the two rear wheels. There is a small switch panel in front of the seat between the front two limbs. This has the main power switch, light switch and forward and reverse switch. The throttle is controlled by tipping both foot pedals forward. To slow down the driver tips both pedals back which reduces the throttle. Further tipping back actuates the two front disk brakes. The driver sides either pedal forward to turn the car right or left. This approach is very intuitive after a few minutes of practice. Notice the headlights that change in angle to match the steering of the car. This approach dates back to Preston Tucker in 1948. The latest design uses a cast aluminum front cross member and hall sensors on each pedal to control the throttle. Hall sensors are more reliable than potentiometers. The 4th generation design uses a simpler instrument panel located between the pedals. This panel includes two lights to indicate battery status and whether the car is in forward or reverse.

General Info

Max Speed over level ground: 15 mph
Battery: Lithium, 36V, 20 AH, 9 pounds (2.2 kg)
Range: 2-3 hours continuous operation
Recharging Time: 4 hours (from complete discharge)
Brakes: Front Disk
Steering: Foot Controlled
Motors: Two 250 W Brushless DC Motors, 350 W available
Seat: Aluminum frame with fabric mesh. The seat is adjustable from front-to-back to accommodate different height drivers. Seat can be removed in seconds with no tools.
Spring Limbs: The suspension of the vehicle is provided through spring like limbs made from bamboo which is strong, rugged and environmentally friendly. It is easy to introduce limbs of different length and stiffness to accommodate almost any sized person.
The electrical system of the car includes an Arduino UNO. The UNO interprets input from the pedals and outputs the desired throttle level. A custom shield mates with the UNO to simplify electrical connections within the car.

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Orison is introducing the FlexQuad® in kit form. We are working with Makers and Early Adopters to build their own cars from our kits.
Kit Includes Items Purchased Separately Quick Build Options
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Patent Information

Patent number: US 9,073,585 B2
Date filed: Jul. 7, 2015
Subject: Light Weight Electric Vehicle
See the Patent

Trademark Information

Application: Filed with U.S. Trademark Office
Date filed: Jul. 5, 2016

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About Us

Orison was started by Blair Jackson a mechanical engineer who spent much of his career in the aerospace industry. His background is complemented by his wife Carol, an accountant, who has worked as a CPA in both small and large manufacturers.
Blair’s passion for light electric vehicles started with building an electric car for their son Matthew. Matthew has long outgrown the original electric car and is finishing up a Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree. His efforts were instrumental at developing this website.
The next vehicle developed was a heavy-duty drive by wire articulating car. Over the last several years, efforts have been focused on the creation of the FlexQuad®. The intention of the FlexQuad® is to provide a fun and portable alternative to golf cars and electric bicycles.
In June of 2018, Orison moved into production space within the IZIT Cain Sheet Metal facility in Tipp City, Ohio. We lease this space from IZIT who is our key supplier of laser cut, formed and welded parts that go into the FlexQuad®.  Since then we have been working on refining the FlexQuad® design and getting ready for production.
In the coming months, we will be perfecting our production work flow between the two companies as we bring the FlexQuad® to market. If you have a recurring need for laser cutting and fabrication contact the people at IZIT, we enjoy working with them.
Let us know if you would like to pay us a visit in Tipp City.


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